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As a sponsor of the CMSCamp Mallorca you not only support the open idea of a barcamp, but also benefit from your investment through your prominent presence before, during and after the event. All sponsors will be presented in the media according to the size of their participation.

⁠CMSCamp Mallorca is organised by volunteers, is independent and not for profit. Like any other barcamp, the event is largely financed by sponsors. CMSCamp Mallorca is only possible through your cooperation as a sponsor.

Catalonia Majorica Palma Mallorca


The Catalonia Majórica it's privilegedly located over the seafront boulevard and the Palma Bay, in front of the Club de Mar. It has remarkable views of the Dique de l'Oest, where most of the cruises that visit Palma dock. It's also near the Porto Pi mall, the Joan Miró Foundation and the Museum of modern and contemporary art Es Baluard.

With a 4-floor conference centre right next to the hotel, the Catalonia is the perfect location for a great CMSCamp.

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Suggested Sessions

Tim Benniks

Tim Benniks

Alive and Kicking

Get ready to rock out at your next tech conference! I've created an electrifying browser-based karaoke experience tailored explicitly for rock & roll guitar. Using the innovative power of Vue, Nuxt, and webmidi, everything from the backing tracks to the guitar amp presets is dynamically controlled.

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